Between 1983-2016 the Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Foundation has made
more than 500 grants totaling more than $19 million. These grants have gone to
non-profit organizations in predominately Texas and Wisconsin benefitting more
than 100,000 individuals.

The mission of the Foundation is to serve God by serving others, using resources to change lives, alleviate suffering, encourage hope and enhance education for those in need. The Foundation accomplishes its mission by engaging with the North Texas Community of non-profit organizations and identifying needs in the following areas:

  • Charitable
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Religious
  • Literary

Patrick E. Haggerty was the founder and former president and chairman of Texas Instruments, Incorporated. Haggerty is most responsible for turning a small Texas oil exploration company into the leader in semiconductors that Texas Instruments is today.

Patrick Haggerty’s wife, Beatrice Menne Haggerty established The Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Foundation to continue their philanthropic goals and to involve the family current and future in giving decisions.

Since 1983, The Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Foundation has funded more than $19 million grants and direct charitable expenditures to more than 500 Texas institutions and agencies.

The Foundation will not consider requests outside Texas unless by invitation.